Mikhaile - Headshot Friday || Miami Portrait Photographers

Headshots are my favorite type of photography for 2 reasons.

  1. I never tell people to "smile"
  2. I get to create a connection between the lens, the subject, and the viewers.

Everyone with a big lens in their face becomes quite vulnerable. With my guidance, I get the opportunity to help you settle. I direct you, and joke around a little bit to assure you that everything will be fine. All-in-all, people end up satisfied because the outcome captures them in a moment not usually photographed in high quality. This moment is truly captured through the eyes. Most connect to the eyes with headshots, so they will always be tack sharp in my images.

Now onto the subject.

I first met the talented Mikhaile through the Locust Projects' Annual Spring Fling Fundraiser where I captured the evening's festivities for MIAMI Magazine. Mikhaile and I both have a background in architecture -- she actually holds a Master's Degree in Architecture -- an impressive feat. We both also enjoy investing our time in education for the youth. A beautiful soul, not to mention she is the director of PRIZM Art Fair. Congratulations and wish you the best for your endeavors with PRIZM.