Art Basel VIP Preview - Life Is Beautiful by Laurence Dreyfus - || Miami FL Event Photographers

One of the photographers that work alongside with Azeez Bakare Studios, had the pleasure of attending an Art Basel VIP Preview -- Laurence Dreyfus - Chambres à Part. Upon my first look through of the photos taken, I cannot lie, I was simply blown away. Not only was I blown away with subjects, but also with the simple technical aspect of each photo: the lighting, clarity, and focus of each photo were simply phenomenal. I would not be surprised if every photo captured by this accomplished photographer was one of their best works. Check out the article in Wallpaper* Magazine. Like the quote below describes, I will not tell you what to think or take away from the attached images, but only ask that you formulate and believe in your own, an honest opinion of each and every photograph.  

"Beauty, like supreme dominion Is but supported by opinion"
- David Hume's

Sudy + Aubrey - A Capitol Hill Session || Washington DC Wedding Photographers

I am blessed; I had the pleasure of meeting Sudy back in 2013 when photographing her brother's Sofreh Aghd Wedding in Rockville, MD. Since then, I've moved to Miami, but still frequent the DMV area for creative work. Successfully, I filled her request to capture her Sofreh Aghd in Washington, DC. Here are some of my favorites from their ceremony below, taken at the Capitol View, DC's premiere rooftop venue.

SilentRevolutionMIA + EAST, MIAMI - Lollapalooza Live Video Recap || Miami Event Videographers

One of the many jobs of an event videographer (or photographer) is to capture those moments that are not on the "checklist", meaning many visuals are captured based on the quality of your photographer's imagination. Also meaning, that photographer has to pay attention to detail and be ready to create a visual at ANY time. I have 2 goals in mind when capturing any event:

  1. Make the event look better than it really is.
  2. Tell a story for those who did not attend.

With these two goals in mind, I am able to create the visual communication of "Fear of Missing Out", aka FOMO. Creating FOMO is not my goal, but it tends to be the first thing that comes to mind after watching the video below. Congratulations to Silent Revolution MIA and EAST Miami for being the only party in Miami to live stream Lollapalooza. Thanks to LeDrone.Me for Aerial footage and RedBull TV for throwing the whole thing.